Let’s Walk Uganda’s Weekly News Brief is our take on what Ugandan Key Population updates are worth
your time. The News Brief updates our partners and allies about the progress of our organization activities,
summarized as, Internal Developments. The News Brief also provides a curated perspective on events
happening within the Ugandan Key Population, summarized as, External Developments. Given the
rapidly changing landscape, we decided to make it more widely available. We also aim to keep it smart,
efficient; worthy of your time, attention and trust.

Internal Developments
1. Let’s Walk Uganda welcomes a great addition to our expert team, the new Programs Officer, John
Bosco. Together, we hope to grow the LWUganda movement much further.
2. Let’s Walk Uganda helped make employment arrangements for another member of the MSM
community, who will now be earning a daily wage rate of 10,000 Ugandan shs per day worked.
LWUganda will continue to cover his accommodation costs till he gains enough independence to
cover them on his own. We encourage our partners and allies to communicate any available
employment opportunities available as we have an updated and ever growing number of CVs
submitted to us by different minorities in search for employment.
3. Let’s Walk Uganda, through special partnership with Kuchu Shiners and Kawaala Health Centre
was able to deliver special sexual health related services to one MSM member in Kasubi that was in
urgent need of them, upon reaching out to us through our social media channels. Let’s Walk
Uganda, through special partnership with Hope Mbale, was also able to deliver special sexual
health related services to one MSM member in Mbale that was in urgent need of the same.
LWUganda continues to make strategic partnerships in different areas of the country to see that
Young MSM have proper and prompt access to sexual health services whenever their need arises.
4. We are currently participating in a gradual capacity building training program with multiple support
from individual and organizational allies as part of our efforts to improve on the quality of service
delivery to different minorities in the country. This week we had special guidance from the
Executive Director of iFreedom, Kelly Mukwano, who helped strengthen our digital capacities to
engage better in digital advocacy.
External Developments
1. Hope Mbale is reaching out to key populations with SRHR/HIV services in rural Eastern Uganda,
through support from Amplify Change. This is made possible through crucial partnerships with peer
educators and health workers in the region.
2. Uganda Network of Sex worker led Organisations (UNESO) is conducting a resource mobilization and
financial management training funded by Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA) with key
topics ranging from fundraising procedures to managing multiple donors.
3. Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) Executive Director, Dr. Adrian Jjuuko
and his team were hosted on CBS FM to shine more light on the campaign to Decriminalize and
Declassify Petty Offences in Uganda, which is aimed at creating awareness in the public domain and
in the same way influence the removal and declassification of these vagrancy laws by the different
4. Alliance ofWomen Advocating for Change (AWAC) is offering free HIV/AIDS services, psycho-
social support and counseling services through their toll free line 0800333177 to female sex workers
in Kampala and Masaka.
5. Children Of The Sun Foundation (COSF) received a special visit from the Executive Director of Sexual
Minorities Uganda (SMUG) and the Executive Director of Ice Breakers Uganda (IBU) to have a field
view their new premises and offer necessary advice in moving their organization forward.
6. Happy Family Uganda also received a special visit from the Defenders Protection Initiative (DPI) team
for a Security Review and Assessment of their offices in Wakiso-Kasengejje.
7. DPI also held a physical consultative meeting with Uganda Members of Parliament, Human Rights
Defenders and other stakeholders, on the #HRDProtectionBill2020 in Kampala.
8. Women’s Organisation Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA) distributed anti- Covid-19
tools, such as masks, to sex workers in Masaka Nyendo with special support from Urgent Action Fund.
9. WONETHA, represented by one of their leaders Diana Natukunda, was also live on national television,
BBS Terefayina, boldly engaging the public in discussing issues affecting sex workers during this
Covid-19 Crisis.
10. WONETHA also joined the rest of PITCH partners at Fairway Hotel to engage with Parliamentarians
that will help influence the outcome of the proposed National Health Insurance Scheme Bill 2019,
which seeks to make health facilities more inclusive and accommodative of sex workers and other key
populations in its various aspects.
11. Vijana Na Children Foundation Uganda (VINACEF) is partnering with Wakiso District leaders and
other stake holders to scale up and expand the level of awareness by district residents on issues
affecting the LGBT community in the district. The district entry meeting was attended by the Chief
Administrative Officer of the district along with other representatives from the Ministry of Health
12. Men of The Night, with support from Frontline AIDS, continue to provide more food relief to their
members in different parts of the country with this week’s recipients being members of Kuchu Shiners
Organisation. The items include; face masks, sugar, beans, rice, soap, spaghetti, posho and powdered

13. Ice Breakers Uganda (IBU) team carried out a Social Network Strategy (SNS), a Tool for Peer-Driven
HIV Testing recruitment and orientation to aid in enlisting HIV – positive and high – risk individuals
from their social, sexual and drug – using networks (network members) for HTS.
14. IBU will also be providing PrEP enrollment, testing and refilling services every Friday of the week
starting this month at Ice Breakers Uganda Clinic. All are encouraged to enroll.
15. Service Workers In Group Uganda (SWING) members were part of a 2 days training at Infectious
Disease Institute (IDI) Kasangati focusing on STI treatment and research among Trans women and how
best to provide them equal health service delivery.
16. Extend A Life Initiative Uganda Community engaged with local leaders from Namayumba Sub County
to seek ideas on how to improve the quality of young women at risk in the region.
17. This week in Ugandan history, particularly on Aug. 4, 2016, the Ugandan Police raided Mr. and Miss
Pride party at Club Venom in Kampala. This, among other raids on minorities, remains a continuous
happening in the country. Uganda still has among the strictest anti-homosexual laws in the world.
18. Initiative For Rescue Uganda conducted a legal awareness session for their community members about
their rights, gaps and new policies in law with special support from HRAPF team.
19. Lady Mermaids Bureau conducted, at their premises, a peer leaders’ sharing meeting on mental health,
HIV Prevention, adherence and wellbeing of sex workers.
20. West Nile Rainbow Initiative is conducting a KPIF project that supports communities in West Nile
through paralegal networks who are actively involved in assisting their attorneys in preparing for trials,
hearings, and closings. A large part of this project consists of conducting legal research and gathering
relevant information to the different legal cases.
Prepared by
John Grace
General Manager, Let’s Walk Uganda
Email: lwuganda@gmail.com
Website: https://fb.com/LWUganda
Telephone: +256702906536

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