Let’s Walk Uganda’s Weekly News Brief is our take on what Ugandan Key Population updates are worth
your time. The News Brief updates our partners and allies about the progress of our organization activities,
summarized as, Internal Developments. The News Brief also provides a curated perspective on events
happening within the Ugandan Key Population, summarized as, External Developments. Given the
rapidly changing landscape, we decided to make it more widely available. We also aim to keep it smart,
efficient; worthy of your time, attention and trust.

Internal Developments
1. Let’s Walk Uganda made special food arrangements for one vulnerable MSM community member
that was in need of food during this Covid-19 crisis. Multiple minorities continue to face poverty-
related challenges such as hunger, and LWUganda is determined to continue providing easier and
consistent access to food to these very minorities.
2. Let’s Walk Uganda continues to expand it’s volunteer base with more new members signing up to
participate in our various programs. Applications can be sent through our email address
lwuganda@gmail.com for more persons interested in joining our volunteer programs for minorities.
3. Let’s Walk Uganda helped make employment arrangements for one vulnerable MSM member
through finding him a salary earning job of 300,000 shs per month. LWUganda also currently
covers his accommodation costs until he attains a level of independence where he will be able to
cover them on his own. LWUganda is committed to improving the standards of living for Young
MSM in Uganda.
4. Let’s Walk Uganda participated in an online discussion with The AIDS Support Organization
(TASO), organized by the Uganda Key Populations Consortium (UKPC) National Coordinator, to
report on the progress made for various minorities and seek solutions to the various existing
challenges we face as minority led organizations
5. Let’s Walk Uganda also participated in an Advocacy Training organized by Human Rights
Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF) that helped to improve our advocacy skills. The
HRAPF Advocacy Initiative represents a shared vision, with Let’s Walk Uganda, of justice and
equity for the future of minorities in Uganda.

External Developments
1. Human rights defender and LGBTQ rights activist Patrick Leuben Mukajanga passed on with two
others in a fatal car accident. The winner of the Makwan Prize 2013 was also the Executive Director of
St Paul Voice Center. He was also a teacher and a church minister with affirming Pentecostal churches
and he was a passionate LGBTQ activist who liked taking care of the needy children and orphans since
it was his dream as a child. The LGBTQ community ofUganda has lost a strong activist and his sudden
death has left a big gap. Rest In Peace Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga.
2. Rainbow Mirrors Uganda (RMU) equipped trans-women and trans-women sex workers in Kampala,
Wakiso and Mukono with paralegal skills as community rapid response agents to emergency human
rights violations. The training was facilitated by SWING Executive Director, Bruce Luswata.
3. RMU also conducts a regular PrEP Tuesday at their Drop In Centre with free HIV and STI testing and
treatment for their clients. To make this happen, RMU partners with Makerere University Joint AIDS
Program (MJAP) to see that their clients get the health outreach services they need for better lives.
4. Happy Family Youth Uganda (HFYU) commemorated one year since the death of our brother Fahad
Kawele Ssemugoma. Fahad was killed by homophobic bodaboda riders. HFYU currently operates an
anti-homelessness program in his name. Rest In Peace Fahad!
5. HFYU is also conducting an Empowered Youth Project that supports 15youths with entrepreneurship
skills ranging from income generation, job creation, savings and other entrepreneur related services.
The project is funded by Alert Fund For Youth.
6. With support from Aids Fonds and Frontline AIDS, Transgender Equality Uganda was able to
distribute food and other items for the livelihood of trans women and trans sex workers in the districts
of Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso, through their second phase of the Nutrition Support ReliefProgram.
7. Children Of the Sun Foundation Uganda (COSF) has re-established itself through relocating to
Kyebando Kakungulu Lumansi road. They continue to provide health, clinic, legal advocacy, economic
empowerment and accommodation services for vulnerable LGBT members. For clear directions, you
may contact their receptionist on Telephone number : +256759418596
8. Rella Foundation is conducting an Economic Empowerment project under the Hebwa Program which
seeks to empower LBQ women with multiple skills and production of various items such as Shaggy
Mats, Shea Oils, Shower Gels and T-shirt Printing. Visit their online shop “Rella Chuk” on Facebook
for more information.
9. Men of The Night, with support from Frontline AIDS, continue to provide more food relief to their
members in Jinja and Mbale. The items include; face masks, sugar, beans, rice, soap, spaghetti, posho
and powdered milk.
10. DPI Defenders Protection Initiative (DPI) made consultations with regional collaborators in Eastern
Uganda and Members of Parliament, at Mbale Resort Hotel, on the #HRDProtectionBill2020 that seeks
to afford greater and specific protection for Human Rights Defenders in Uganda.

11. Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) had a candid conversation with a doctor who provides health care
services to LGBTIQ people in Mbale. He says, there’s need for more engagement between LGBTIQ
people and health care providers in Eastern Uganda. More details of this conversation are in the link
12. SMUG is also running the Know your Rights Program, an initiative that was started against the need to
equip LGBTI organization leaders and community members with laws and policies necessary to inform
advocacy at respective levels. More details of this initiative are in the link:
13. Hope Mbale conducted adherence follow ups of marginalized persons, in Tororo District, who have
been enabled to access health care services in different health facilities, and ensure their retention. To
make this happen, Hope Mbale works closely with health workers and is supported by Amplify Change.
14. Jeewag Uganda conducted a peer led community outreach providing HIV testing, PREP, PEP and ART
services to sex workers from Lujonjo with support form The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO).
15. The Programs Director of Service Workers In Group Foundation (SWING) facilitated a needs
assessment dialogue, in conjunction with Children’s Aids Fund and Visionary Women Foundation
Uganda, to ensure equal health service provision for all trans women in Uganda.
16. Angels Refugee Support Group Association (ARSGA) is distributing food relief items to multiple
refugees under the Covid-19 Emergency Food Response Project that is supported by UHAI-EASHRI.
Prepared by
John Grace
General Manager, Let’s Walk Uganda
Email: lwuganda@gmail.com
Website: https://fb.com/LWUganda
Telephone: +256702906536

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