Advocacy for Policy change and inclusion of MSM in National Programming

Address and Stigma & discrimination against the LGBTQ

The overall outcome of this program is ensure a free a just environment, safe space and access to health and justice services for all

Address same-sex criminalization

The overall outcome is to be able to effectively influence the decriminalization of same sex relationships through advocacy and deep engagement with policy makers

Identify common grounds with unlikely Allies

The purpose of this program is to reinstate common grounds with the most unlikely allies like religious and cultural leaders on issues concerning the protection of the rights of the LGBTQ

Address policy Exclusions

The overall outcome for this program is to document and make recommendations based on evidence to the policy makers on the Law and policy exclusions

Inform and Influence attitudes towards the LGBTQ community through online campaigns & IEC materials

The overall outcome for this is to engage the community and create allies through provision of information and educational materials

Ensure partnerships & Allies

For a broader view and perspective, the Organizations need to establish local and international partners and part of strengthening advocacy and information sharing amongst the LGBTQ movement