HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention


Through the KuchuCare App, LGBTQ community can acess friendly health care services on the tip of their hands.

The Untamed Verandah

Through the Untamed Verandah ,over 200 LGBTQ men are able to acess in person friendly health care services and receive psycosocial support, STI and HIV preventative services since the beginning of 2021.

PREP-PEP Awareness Training and Supply

Reported awareness of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is even lower, ranging from only 12 percent of men attending a Uganda HIV testing clinics. Curiously, while 6 percent of men insero-discordant couples sampled in Kampala reported knowing of PrEP, this figure was probably inflated due to confusion between Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) and PrEP. In summary, PrEP awareness remains very low among gay and bisexual men who, when asked, simultaneously report high levels of interest in using the method.
This program creates awareness of and experiences with PEP and PrEP in LGBTQ communties. Unlike previous approaches, the program targets the men engaging in recent condom-less anal sex and would therefore meet the current guidelines to be considered for PrEP use

Retention in care and adherence to HIV and AIDS treatment

Retaining LGBTQ patients on ARVs treatment in care id critical to sustain the 90 90 90 vision. The program is aiming at making progress in placing the HIV positive MSM patients on treatment. In an effort to increase access to treatment, ART decentralization is crucial to the LGBTQ community. The program is also aiming at strengthening the lower level health facilities and DICs to provide comprehensive antiretroviral treatment as well as the associated factors like access to food and a balanced diet for the LGBTQ.

Document Human Rights Violations on the LGBTQ people

The program is designed to directly document and put to attention the state on the serious and on going violations of the human rights of the LGBTQ community by different stake holders including the Uganda police, health workers and the entire community. The program will also address the violations to the state for consideration of pertinent issues. Respectfully, ask the state to consider

Educate and sensitize Young MSM on their Rights

The program is designed to provide information on the rights of the LGBTQ and reduce their vulnerability to ease access to services and equal opportunities for all

Ease Access to Condoms and Lubricants

The program is aimed at the provision of better access to condoms and lubricants by the LGBTQ community in their convenient places. Condoms and lubricants are provided within the safe spaces as well as the places where LGBTQ feel comfortable and not judged.

Training health workers on dealing with MSM

The LGBTQ are just like everybody else and have the right to enjoy fulfilled lives. As a result of discrimination and homophobia, many LGBTQ are faced with severe barriers to accessing healthcare. Many health workers face barriers to providing services to the LGBTQ community, the risks of HIV infection or the anal acquisition of sexually transmitted infections is high. The program seeks to train health workers to provide the services in a non-discriminatory way, empower health workers to discuss anal sex with LGBTQ being sensitive.

Advocate for tolerance, anti-discrimination and anti-homophobic laws and policies

Everyone should be able to live their lives without any fear of being discriminated against. The reality is that the Young MSM all over Uganda are facing discrimination every day. It might happen in their workplace, hospital, school, restaurant, on the streets, at home or even in church. They can easily be denied services due to their gender identity, sex orientation, and/or sex characteristics. The program is designed to fight and create awareness against the unacceptable situation and facilitate change through influence of the legal framework as an important statement, influence policies and laws to protect them from any form of discrimination. The program further more facilitates provision of information to create awareness and influence change of attitudes towards the LGBTQ community