Further develop our profile and strengthen Structures as Let’s WalkUganda

The following are the goals of this strategic area:

  • Hold an Annual General meeting for the organization as a government requirement for all organizations
  • Carry Out an internal Audit and improve on the quality of services provided. Develop our brand to showcase our three core pillars of work: Support, Training, and Advocacy. New website and branding design. 
  • Create and increase in website clicks and number of contacts to our frontline services like the shelter, HIV/AIDS Awareness among others. 
  • Develop and roll out national marketing and engagement strategy to increase awareness of Let’s Walk Uganda frontline services. 
  • Plan developed. 
  • Increase number of contacts to the services. 
  • National and regional media coverage achieved in relation to key advocacy issues. 
  • To apply for funding to further understand the needs of the LGBTQ to develop a plan to respond to these needs. 
  • To apply for funding to run the core activities of the organization like salaries, rent, allowances and other day to day activities. 
  • Undertake research on the LGBTQ situation and LGBTQ needs and use it to influence national policy. 
  • Promote the role and work of Let’s Walk Uganda at a national and Regional level.
  • Increased level of engagement with National and Regional For a relating to LGBTQ inclusion and equality. 
  • Review the existing quality standard and redevelop this in line with current and emerging good practice, to ensure we meet the highest standards in service provision.
  • To ensure that the standards include clear guidance on good practice for engaging and supporting volunteers, including: induction, consultation, training and support, supervision, feedback and recognition. 
  • To develop and undertake a monthly survey to measure engagement and support. Where issues are identified, the secretariat team to work in partnership with local groups to improve volunteer engagement. 
  • To undertake an action plan to implement recommendations and support each local service to attain the standard. 
  • Develop an action for each member service to have access to required supports to meet the standard. 
  • Develop a review and audit process to ensure standards are maintained and further developed