Museveni: Don’t Vote Homosexuals

President Yoweri Museveni who is also the National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate for 2021 presidential election has said he’s the perfect person for Uganda’s top office because he and his ruling party have a track record.

According to the veteran president who has been in power since 1986 when he assumed power following a five-year guerrilla warfare, Ugandans should vote for issues and not jokes or age.

In a veiled attack of his biggest challenger, Bobi Wine, the president said: “The homosexuals in Europe are young. Are you going to support the homosexuals because they are young? People taking drugs are young. Are we also going to take drugs such that you can support us?  Let’s us ignore these jokers and concentrate on the message of NRM because that is what is going to work.”

Museveni, 76, was Saturday addressing NRM leaders from Bukedi at Mt Elgon view primary school grounds where they converged as he combs for votes ahead of the 2021 general election.

President Museveni has also lambasted foreign groups and homosexuals claiming they are funding select opposition groups to cause instability in Uganda through sporadic riots.
Museveni while speaking during his campaigns in Kotido said that foreigners and homosexual groups funding riots to cause unrest in Uganda will be replied.
The President was addressing matters regarding the riots in Kampala that were sparked off by the arrest of National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential flagbearer Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.
The riots took place in Kampala and surrounding areas leading to the death of at least 37 people and leaving over 60 injured.
“Some of these groups are being used by outsiders, homosexuals, and others who don’t like the stability and independence of Uganda, but they will discover what they are looking for,” Museveni said.
Museveni said those who started riots will ‘regret” because they are entering a terrain that is reserved for the NRM government.
“Those who have been attacking NRM people in the Kampala area will soon lose that appetite, they have entered an area we know very well, the area of fighting, they will regret,” he added.

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