Let’s Walk Uganda’s Weekly News Brief is our take on what Ugandan Key Population updates are worth
your time. The News Brief updates our partners and allies about the progress of our organization activities,
summarized as, Internal Developments. The News Brief also provides a curated perspective on events
happening within the Ugandan Key Population, summarized as, External Developments. Given the
rapidly changing landscape, we decided to make it more widely available. We also aim to keep it smart,
efficient; worthy of your time, attention and trust.

Internal Developments

1. Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) paid a courtesy visit to Let’s Walk Uganda premises as they
shared ideas ranging from our organization’s capacity building to finding solutions to the different
challenges faced by MSM minorities in our community. We thank you SMUG for the unconditional
love and support you continue to render to our movement!
2. Let’s Walk Uganda also extends our sincere appreciation to Ice Breakers Uganda (IBU) for their
endless contributions to the minority community, especially in the areas of physical and mental
health as they continue to attend to the people we recommend to them, at zero cost. We thank you
IBU for the strong partnership and services rendered!
3. Let’s Walk Uganda team paid a courtesy visit to Kuchu Shiners Uganda as the two teams discussed
different challenges facing the MSM community ranging from sexual health to homelessness.
Kuchu Shiners Team also provided us with lubricants and mouth masks to improve our efforts
against Covid-19.
4. Let’s Walk Uganda has also successfully made arrangements for another member of the MSM
community to start living independently as we shall no longer be covering his accommodation costs.
He also now earns a monthly salary of 350,000 shs at his new place of employment. We thank our
partners and allies engaged in our economic empowerment movement that aims to improve the
standards of living for young MSM.

External Developments

1. Uganda Network of Sex worker led Organizations (UNESO) conducted its first Annual General
Meeting with a new Board of Directors elected by the member organizations while simultaneously
launching a Human Rights Violations Report on experiences ofSex Workers in the Covid-19 era.
2. With support from Frontline AIDS and Urgent Action Fund – Africa, UNESO was also able to
support sex workers through their organizations in Buikwe, Mubende, Hoima, Mukono and Iganga
districts with nutrition relief and sanitary needs ranging from sanitizers, face masks, soap to posters
with Covid-19 prevention messages to sex workers.
3. Rainbow Mirrors Uganda (RMU) and Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF)
conducted a basic human rights and laws training on laws affecting transgender sex workers in the
Covid-19 era.
4. HRAPF intends to apply to the Court to issue arrest warrants for Kyengera LCIII Chairman Hajji
Kiyimba and Prison Officer Woniala, in light of the fact that they disregarded the summons that
required them to appear in Court this week. HRAPF also intends to follow up with the Clerk to the
ChiefMagistrate in order to get a new hearing date.
5. In a bid to empower young women with sustainable skills under the Hebwa Program, “Empower Her
Skills”, Rella Women Foundation (Rella WF) trained 20 young women in financial literacy, t-shirt
printing and mindset skills in a one day workshop. Rella also conducted a session on Mental Health
and Counseling for their Rella House of Hope occupants, facilitated by a team of Psychologists from
IBU. Rella WF, with support from HRAPF, further conducted a security training with a focus on
laws & policy frameworks that help govern advocacy and safety ofLBQ in society.
6. In reference to the International Youth Day theme “Youth Engagement For Global Action”, Rella
WF had a post-celebration with the young people at the Rella House of Hope in a Sexual and
Reproductive Health Rights conversation contextualizing Sustainable Development Goal 3 that
emphasizes good health and wellbeing in a bid to promote LBQ women’s engagement and
contribution towards achieving global action.
7. Uganda Network ofYoung People Living With HIV & AIDS (UNYPA) in conjunction with Uganda
Key Population Consortium (UKPC) and Uganda Network on Law Ethics and HIV/AIDS
(UGANET) launched a “My Body Is Not A Democracy” campaign that seeks to create more
national advocacy and awareness on bodily autonomy and integrity in Uganda.
8. Alliance of Women Advocating for Change (AWAC) distributed 3 bicycles per district, procured
with funding from UN Women under the SWASHE project, to three-per-district coordinators
namely a female sex worker, a woman living with HIV and a young person living with HIV, in the
districts of Tororo, Kaberamaido, Amuria, Pader, Kitgum and Gulu. AWAC also released the
#SWARMMagazine2020 Edition which comprehensively documents the struggles and resilience of
female sex workers’ social justice with a copy available at https://online.fliphtml5.com/pvfxg/updn/
9. Trans Youth Initiative with support from CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, under
the Youth Action Lab program, conducted a training with rural transgender youth women,
transgender youth sex workers and gender diverse youth in western Uganda on how to report,
document and follow up on human rights violations. Trans Youth Initiative Uganda, with support
from Tranz Network Uganda Limited, also distributed Covid-19 relief food to the same target group
in western Uganda.
10. Hope Mbale, with support from Frontline AIDS, continues to conduct home distribution of ART
refills, viral load tests and psychosocial support services through their friendly health workers in
various rural areas of Eastern Uganda, to beef up adherence and retention in care of their positive
11. Bulcky is the first-ever queer woman to ride Uber Boda with her inspiration being, “I want young
women to see me and believe in themselves and also know that they can do any job. Let nothing
limit you”. Feel free to support her by scheduling a ride through Freedom and Roam Uganda
(FARUG) telephone number: +256392176977. FARUG have also stocked HIV and STI infection
preventive materials at their Drop-in Centre which can be accessed through their toll-Free number
12. Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) carried out another survey to gauge the effect of COVID-19 on
individual LGBTIQ people in Uganda. More to this in the link below:
13. SMUG also organized a four day training on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for
members of Youth On Rock and other LGBT organizations in Wakiso and Luweero to improve on
their capacity building and leadership skills
14. Women Empowerment and Rights Organization Uganda (WERO Uganda) conducted an outreach in
Kataba with an aim of advising sex workers on how best they can protect themselves from Covid-19.
15. Service Workers In Group Uganda (SWING), in conjunction with Transgender Equality Uganda ,
conducted an orientation of health workers in ensuring good health service provision for LBT
women in different health centers to ensure their ease of access to and availability of health services
Prepared by
John Grace
General Manager
Let’s Walk Uganda
Email: lwuganda@gmail.com
Website: https://fb.com/LWUganda
Telephone: +256702906536

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